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CSM500 Vortex Pump

The CSM range of rugged cast iron submersible pumps is suitable for many dewatering, drainage, water treatment and wastewater applications. CSM500 Vortex drainage pump is suitable for the disposal of waste water, including rainwater, mildly contam­inated waste and ground water containing particles up to 30 mm. They feature dry motor design with automatic thermal overload protection and mechanical overload switch (auto cut-out).


Disposal of non-contaminated rain, waste and ground water from a pit, dewatering (clean water), water treatment circulation, grey water and commercial ponds and fountains.

Key Features

  • 30 mm free passage

  • Vortex impeller

  • SiC / SiC mechanical seal

  • Auto cut out switch

  • Thermal overload protection

  • Float switch (CSM500VF model)

  • Moisture sealed cable inlet